Nespresso Sleeve

Commissioned by Nespresso Switzerland,

Deco 26.6 build a 25 meter sleeve in 2 segments of 12,5 meter.

The complete construction is build out of wood and covered with sandwichpanels. 2 electric shutters where placed and 2 butterfly doors.

The elements where transported in 2 sections and hosted by crane on there place.


Swatch Bar

Commissioned by Swatch Switzerland,

Deco 26.6 build a Smoothie-Bar from a 1976 Constructam. Outside the caravan was completly stripped and repainted and a stainless steel bar with trespa was created. The bar is made completly detachable. Inside the interieur was stripped and 4 fridges, a new kitchen and a relaxing area where installed..


Kiehl's Piaggio

Commissioned by L'Oreal Switserland for

Khiel's, Deco 26.6 customized a Piaggio for demonstration possibilities. 

The 2 sides where opened and the construction was fortified with extra steel. All was repainted in glossy black and a customized bar was build. All decoration are also done in house. 


Armani Prive

Commissioned by Armani Switserland,

Deco 26.6 build out of wood a gold display with black Louvre and printed canvas.

The white background is created by 46" LED screens that can change in any color or play a movie behind the Louvre. The column is screwed together without visible connections.


Swatch TouchZero

Commissioned by Swatch Switserland,

Deco 26.6 build out of wood the figuranes for the new pormotion of the Touch Zero One Watch. The figuranes are hanged by a wood haning system to not damage the trailer or the need of drilling screws in it. The figuranes are stickt with custome made foil.


Lancome Photo

Commissioned by Lancome Switserland,

Deco 26.6 developed and build a photobooth complete with printer, touchscreen, camera and flash. The booth is complete self supporting and needs only wifi and power. The photo's can be printed directly or shared over social media. On the back is an intergrated rail for a complete visual. 

YSL Lightbox

Commissioned by Yves Saint Laurant Switserland, Deco 26.6 build out of woud lightboxes with interchangeable images.

The lightboxes are covered with black glossy HPL and all the electrics and lightning are done in house.


Scott LED P4.81

Commissioned by Scott Switserland,

Deco 26.6 provided and installed a 3 x 2 meter PHCISTAR outdoor led P4.81.

Installation of the screen and the complete electrics and software configuration are all done by Deco 26.6


Pommery Bar

Commissioned by Pommery Switserland,

Deco 26.6 build out of trusses a portable bar.

The trusses are gold painted and for transport custom made sleeves where fabricated.

The decoration panels where also done in house.


Giorgio Armani

Commissioned by Giorgio Armani Switserland, Deco 26.6 build a complete stand around a LED screens with pitch 6.25. All decorations and video's are made in house.

Urban Decay

Commissioned by Urban Decay Switserland, Deco 26.6 build and decorated  complete shop in the center of Lausanne with a LED videwall as center piece. Everything is made in house.


Commissioned by Yves Saint Laurant Switserland, Deco 26.6 provided a LED screen 3 x 2 meter with pitch 1.9. and 46" LCD totems with HD quality screens.